Safety / Regulations

To keep the highest safety standard is our premise


Safety in operations is critical. We manage the shooting through detailed protocols, pre-flight checks and flight plan design for each situation that analyze risks and establish mitigation mechanisms. We are proud to present a record of flights without accidents.
Maning the highest standard of operational safety is our premise.

Safety is a priority and starts from the study of the location to minimize eventualities. Cables, obstacles, blind spots, weather, are taken into account when agreeing on a flight plan. A briefing on safety with those involved and finding alternative landing sites are part of the task.
All equipment has built-in security system that make the operation more reliable. They have GPS to maintain their position even in high winds and set the take-off site to automatically return in case of emergency.
For this reason, the choice, and control of the take-off/landing zone is paramount.
Manning the highest standard of operational safety is our premise.


We work within the actual aeronautic regulation framework for drone operation, ANAC resolution N527/2015. We operated under the necessary permission provided by EANA.

We take care of all the papers and authorization for the operation and use of aerial space for each shooting.

We have comprehensive insurance coverage on civil responsibility, equal to 8 times the value required by national aeronautic regulation.

Our insurance covers us up to 5 million USD, which makes us eligible for international production and big networks.


In high-end equipment we have a team
full back-up, so in case of technical problems, we can continue without delays for the client.


Is it necessary to ask for authorization for drone operations?

Yes. All operations must be previously authorized by the aeronautical air traffic control authority (EANA, Argentine air traffic office). Documentation proving that the permit is in effect, as well as proof of equipment registration, insurance and remote crew certificate may be requested by the authorities on public roads at any time.

Can you operate near an airport?

CINE PILOTS has all the registrations and insurance to be able to request special permits to operate in the vicinity of an airport. It is necessary for EANA to authorize the flight and warning to the corresponding control tower.

Are there other limitations in terms of places to fly?

The EANA dictates the limitations of each house case and can limit specific places such as close proximity to helipads/heliports, fuel tank overflights, military bases, government buildings, etc. However, by managing the permits to the appropriate area of government, it would be possible to fly in the places mentioned above.

Is there a height limit?

By regulation the maximum height authorized to operate drones is 122m (400 ft). The EANA can limit that height to the proximity of airports, aeroclubs, helipads or heliports to 43m (140 ft).

How far can you move the drone away from the base?

Operation requirements specify that the drone cannot be carried beyond the direct line of sight (VLOS). Usually this is around 500/600m, but in favorable circumstances it can be much more.

How long can the drone be in the air?

The average autonomy is approximately 15 minutes and several battery sets are carried.

Can you go all day without recharging batteries?

Yes, depending on the shot to be obtained. You can expect to carry the necessary battery sets and only have that. Typically, six sets with a total autonomy of 1:30 hours of flight. In practice it is best to anticipate carrying a portable generator..

How fast can the drone fly?

The Inspire 2 can fly up to 96 km/h (checked) in Sport mode. With wind in favor, even more.

How much does a drone weight?

Our digital cinema drones weight about 4kg. It is not necessary to ask for special permits such as street cutting to operate them on public roads.

Can you fly over people?

You can only fly at low altitude directly on people who are involved in the operation as actors or technicians. You can fly high on people as long as they don’t settle an agglomeration like a recital or sporting event.

What insurance does CINE PILOTS carry?

We have mandatory and specific liability insurance for aeronautical activity five times the amount required by the local authority (USD 5 million). That makes us eligible to operate in any international production. We also have personal accident insurance for each of the people involved.

Can you fly at night?

Our certificate of commercial drone operators contemplates night operation. However, this type of operation requires a previous daytime inspection that avoids any obstacle that cannot be distinguished at night such as cables, towers, etc.

Can you fly in rain?

The minimal drizzle can affect the drone’s sensors and thus affect flight safety, so it cannot be flown in rainy or extremely humid environments.

Is it necessary to pre-check the flight location?

It is part of the safety protocol to inspect the places where the drone has to fly to get the desired shot. Ideally the drone pilot should be part of the scouting of the location and there may be impediments to getting the desired shot if this was not taken into account.

What kind of camera movements can be done?

The gimbal operator, with a second remote control, specifically dedicated to camera movements, can make continuous tilt, roll and 360º continuous pan. This, combined with the movement of the drone generates a high dynamism in the images.

What camera controls are available from the ground?

Through the dedicated application you can control all camera parameters such as start/stop, exposure, colorimetry, photo/video mode, etc. It is also possible to rack the focus, counting CINE PILOTS with a follow focus unit for a 1st AC to rack focus in cases that are required.

Can I intercut drone footage with other digital film cameras on the ground?

Yes, our digital cinema gear record up to 6K in CINEMA DNG (RAW) and Prores XQ 4444. We have made feature films and series intercutting footage with cameras such as the ARRI Alexa, RED Epic and SONY F55 with excellent results.

Can different lenses be used?

Yes. The digital cinema equipment in our fleet has a set of lenses prime each of the two sensor sizes we handle.

How is communication with the director during the shot?

At CINEPILOTS we have an intercom set for camera operator, pilot and director, as well as a full HD video output so that the directing/camera crew can watch the shot in real time on a dedicated monitor.